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Saturday, February 03, 2007

To infinity and beyond....Buzz Lightyear

This week Lynette, Denise and Christine where in Sydney for the Library Online Conference at Darling Harbour. I got the change to catch up with Denise for a cuppa before she headed off to Narembeen overlooking the NSW coast. It was great to catch up with her and talk about what I had just completed in Library 2.0.

I got a badge which is displayed with pride in the boat. I am exploring more and will put an RSS feed on my blogg. This site will not be updated as it was established for the purpose of recording my progress in Library 2.0 but if you are interested in following my travels over the seas go to and click on the logbook.

Safe journeys and fair winds to you all.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is this really the end? Or just the beginning ...


go to YPRL and PLCMC Learning 2.0 Program. It truely has been a huge learning curve which has made me think outside the typical library world. My fellow collegues (not librarians) have said to me that libraries are behind the 8 ball in terms of technology and online delivery and this program has highlighted this fact absolutely. I can only say wow and think what have I discovered and how I can apply it to my field.

There is a whole world out there that will make libraries more exciting, innovative, and accessible to the community. Now we are aware of it lets get a team together to put these ideas into action. There are libraries out there already doing great things so it is not new and frightening. We can do it. Lets strike while the energy is high.

If you have the time check out my friends site-she is a forward thinking librarian (she has completed a similar programme). Her site is she is also into second life plus has two boys(where does she find the time?).

I certainly would be interested in doing more learning programs of this sort. I am afraid that I do not have the knack of just exploring and surfing the net-my mind is busy doing other things, but a structured self paced programme is just what would bring me out and get me more hip (as the kids would say or is hip too old fashioned).

I am proud to say I have completed Library 2.0 and been part of an inaugral program with YPRL and thank them for the opportunity to participate.

So the question to be posed is... "Is this really the end? Or just the beginning ... " I look forward to exciting happenings in the library world-so fellow librarians throw off those pearls and cashmere sweaters and go for it.

Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio

Check out this great artist-sidewalk chalk artisit and an unbelievable description of what is podcasting by ninjas check it out at
What could libraries do? hmmmm maybe we could get readers to explore thier favorite books, etc, sites, and community events??? ANyway very interesting but can be timewasting??? as I spent ages at this site-enjoying a bit of vouyerism I guess.

The word podcast is really as simple as "audio on demand". I searched libraries and this is a great site that is used to promote library and events to young people. RSS.

Can be a great leaning tool as Library 2.0 has demonstrated or as a promotional tool.

Checked out netlibrary-online
Lots of titles, maybe fun to use in my travels as many USA libraries offer eFilms, etc so can have an option depending on my dowload useage.

Useful for home library and people who cannot come to the library such as business people and people who are sick.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Online applications and tools / Web 2.0 Awards

What a powerful tool Zoho Writer and Google Docs are. The applications are similar and I consioder offer options that are more user friendly than microsoft. A site which would allow users to use the functionality of desktop without having to pay for expensive software.

A possible library function is that this application could allow training courses to be run without having to load software onto each computer. Thus not being limited by user licences and people could use it at home without further expense to themselves.

I looked at Wiki's (Hosted) Wetpaint which is a site called "Booklust: a community for people who love books by Nancy Pearl"
Nancy Pearl has designed a great interactive book lovers discussion site. Easy (oh so easy to use) what a hero, no wonder she has an action figure made in her likeness. What a great incentive for libraries to make sites similar, or link into as it is fun to use and user friendly and very interactive.


Wikipedia an online open-community encyclopedia online through the Web. A community resource that allows users to easily add, remove and edit content.

What a great idea-I always wanted a community noticeboard telling who the best mechanic is, where to get english language tutors are, where are quilting courses nearby, etc.

Below is an entry mad to a wiki site.
Tracy said...
As a public librarian I love this idea of browsing online. What a great idea and working so well. I was involved in planning an online service to outline residents and this would make it more iteresting and the ability to view the cover makes a huge difference.
8:52 PM is a social bookmarking manager which allows you to bookmark a web page and add tags to categorize your bookmarks.

Keep all your favorites in delicious and access them from home, office, anywhere.
Share your favorites with family, friends, and colleagues.
Discover new sites from the delicious community (browse, find, get recommendations).

Technorati is a tool which tags blog posts. Very interesting and useful if one wants to research topics and search blogs in subject areas.

Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries -wow, as a library manager I was concerned on how we ould haddle and adapt to this technology and reading these articles (online!!) are just amazing. I have read about my concerns and realise that people out THERE have adapted and are emersed in this technology and it is my mindset that is the issue.

I firmly believe in the library being shaped and formed by the community and Web 2.0. Library 2.0 is showing us the way. We can actually get to the community and offer so much more, we can do what we had always wanted to-that is offer services outside the library walls. as the article "Away from the “icebergs” " to make our spaces and services more user-centric and inviting."

Wow, I just am excited to be a part of the profession and be an agent of change. I will I can see have difficulty in adapting but see this as a personal challenge. I thank YPRL for the opportunity to participate in Library 2.0 and expand my knowledge, skills and look into the future (although it is already here!)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Online Image Generator/LibraryThing/Rollyo

Well there is lots to play with and ecplore in this area. One can be quite and expert in producing many images-will this make graphoic designers redundant? Maybe they will come cruising as well?

Libraries could use these generators for publicity, brochures, etc and maintain a very professional image for little cost.

The Library Thing Catalogue is interesting-my link is
This site includes amny things such as -listing of books, author information, so check it out.
Wow-what a great idea and so easy to use and search-very powerful and useful.

Friday, January 12, 2007

RSS-Librarian with no books
What does a librarian sailing around with no library and no where to store her favorite book? Well she hides them in the food cupboards, under the bed, anywhere. My husband says "I do not know why the rear end of the boat is in the water-where is that extra weight?" Me looking angelic and not saying anything.

But with technology being more useable and offering more this may be a practice that I no longer continue.

Libraries such as Yarra PlentyRegional Library offer their members ebooks, enewspapers , etc. So with my laptop plugged into our battery bank and my network card getting strong signal I can read in a remote spot during my travels.
Often the scenery is so stunning like Lucky Bay, near Esperance in Western Australia.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” it is quite a simple process (once one figures out how to subscribe to sites) and is marvellous for delivering information regularly over the web. I have subscribed to my friends website and she is right into technology.

I wish I was as switched on with Information Technology as she is. I worry that I view new emerging technology with old ideas-it really needs on to jump in, play and embrace it fully. Her website for your interest is

Monday, October 30, 2006

Blue Water eCruiser and Flickr

Wow, I have only just come up for air playing with the endless possibilities of Flickr.

I am an artist in my spare time and love the visual imagery of what is on offer at this site, the fact that one can play, manipulate, explore and just about do anything is mindblowing.

I even made a trading card. Check it out. It is not flash but I am pretty happy with how it has all come together especially as it is my first ever.

If anyone previously had said to me go on have a mashup - I would have stared blankly and said WHAT???

Have a go - if I can do it anyone can.

I have a laptop on board and can see myself playing for hours on this site.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What is Blue Water Cruising?

Blue Water Cruising
Blue Water Cruising really means "that you are truly out of sight of land".

Well we consider ourselves "learner" Blue Water Sailors as we as still learning and will coastal cruise for a few more years before venturing out into the big wide ocean. We dreamt of slipping the dock lines and sailing off to far away exotic ports. Enjoying life on Pacific/Fijian time, of quiet coves, grass skirts and adventures untold. Well, we had a lot of hard work ahead of us.

My husband and I bought a yacht in 2001 setting out with no real experience in sailing in Nov 2004. We had a ten year plan and worked hard to achieve our dream. Leaving behind the security of a normal life was difficult by very freeing. Selling our home and chattels was hard and leaving our three beautiful daughter behind was even harder, but it has been worth it.

Our life is about living on water, eating the freshest sashimi ever, visiting places that don't make it into the travel guides and letting go of commercialism and the need of personal identity through such things as work and material possessions.

We have filled our days with learning to sail, learning to be self-sufficient and almost learning to be brave. It's about being bored, exhausted and utterly terrified, and finding out that the good life is not always where we expect to find it. Travelling slowly is not so much a way to get somewhere - it's a way of being. As our sailing buddies say " Its not the destination but the journey that counts."

As a coastal cruiser to convert into a blue water cruiser we have a yacht that is quite capable of taking on long-range passages of many thousands of miles, will accomodate our cruising lifestyle and allow us to live aboard for extended periods. (So far we have been aboard for two years). Our yacht has such things as
large freshwater tanks
a watermaker (makes fresh drinking water from salt water)
a fridge/freezer
lots of safety gear
HF Radio
forward scanning sonar
a hot shower
and lots and lots more.

More and more people are taking off on their cruising boats -we are finding a whole community out there of like minded souls. So throw off those bowlines and head out to a whole new lifestyle.

Blue Water Cruising Librarian

Sitting here at Thomastown Library. I ponder the fact that I am currently sailing (very slowly) around Australia. i have working in the publlic library system for over 20 years.

Prior to setting sail I was the City Librarian at Mandurah Library and Information Services one hour south of Perth. The Library was a single branch with 22 staff (mainly part-time) and was open 58 hours per week.

I travelled one hour to work and one hour home. Travel is something I am not afraid of.

Leaving Fremantle Western Australia in November 2004 I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to use my profession and work in a public library again. I thought that I would never work in a publlic library due to the fact that I was transient, not staying long in anyone place and that libraries were only interested in longterm employees.

How wrong was I!

I have been lucky in being able to find library positions in each place I have moored over winter. After sailing across the Great Australian Bight I landed two jobs in Adelaide, one as a Library Technician at Port Adelaide Enfield and the other as a Marketing and Promotions Officer at Salisbury Library, Adelaide, South Australia.

Currently I am close to finishing my term as a Branch Librarian at the Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service at Thomastown Library, Melbourne, Victoria.

How I got my current position. I had just finished circumnavigating Tasmania and was sitting out bad weather at the Three Hummock Island Group just off the top West Coast of Tasmania, taking the opportunity to email Christine MacKenzie CEO YPRL enquiring if there were any positions available for myself. Gayle Rowden, Manager Operations replied offering the temporary position at Thomastown Library. Three weeks later I sailed into Port Phillip Bay and began work soon after that.

I have met fabulous people in all libraries and it has been difficult to head off into the big wide world again but my itchy feet keep driving me on. I have enjoyed working in different libraries and am learning heaps as I travel around.

We have to work every 1-2 years to boost our crusing kitty. It also offers us a change in lifestyle every so often and to get to meet some great people.

I am taking up the opportunity given to all staff at Yarra Plenty regional Library Service to update my skills as I currently have a Blog and will put a hyper link to it for your interest when I complete this short Library 2.0 course.